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    identity.hasPermission in JSF

    Michal Trnka Newbie
      I use seam security 3.1.0Beta and JBoss 7.0.2 Final. I am trying to use in JSF attribute rendered='#{identity.hasPermission(dashboard,"hello")}'. dashboard is name of named bean and hello is test method in that bean. I have found out by debugging that identity.hasPermission gets called. From that method get called permissionMapper.resolvePermission(target, action), that method calls resolver.hasPermission(resource, permission) (PersistenPermissionResolver gets called) and on permissionStore.isEnabled() it returns false. I have tried to find out why it returns false and I've discovered that its init() does not call initProperties() because identityPermissionClass is null. Is there anything I have forgotten to setup or initialize? Btw identity.hasRole works fine from JSF