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    Multi-module app and Seam-faces&Pretty-faces

    Roman Smetana Newbie


      I am facing now a configuration problem with seam faces 3.1.0.Beta3 and pretty faces in my maven project. I have multi-module app like this:


      I need dependency to seam faces in webapp module and in all ejbs. I cannot find any working solution. I tried to put seam faces to pom.xml in ejbs and put to webapp provided dependency. This has a problem, that seam faces in ejbs requires dependency to pretty faces. But I need pretty faces dependency in webapp module, because it registers filter and when pretty faces dependency is in ejbs/pom.xml, the filter is not registered.    

      In seam faces 3.0.0.Final I solved this by add dependency to both modules (webapp and ejbs) build app, delete seam-faces.3.0.0.Final.jar from lib in ear and then deploy on server. But this doesn't work any more.

      And I am using JBoss AS 7.0.2.Final server

      Any hint? Or do you need more information?

      Thank you