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    Seam support for jBPM5


      Hi All,

      I have a question about Seam support for jBPM5 project. When Seam 3 started, then jBPM5 module was on a list planned modules and now I see that it disappeared.
      Seam 3.1 Final is coming and I don't see any moves forward. Does anyone have any news on this?


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          I have seen the Acitivi CDI module is ready for use...Acitivi is more friendly if u are an old JBPM 3 user.

          The new JBPPM 5 is derived from Drools Flow, it is no relation with the original JBPM. This will confuse many old JBPM users.  I do not know why Jboss.org keep the JBPM name , making it deprecated and discarding the project is more clear to user. 

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            JBPM / Drools support will be taken up by the Drools team in a future release.