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    panelMenu IE Javascript error

    Kloot Perwee Newbie


      I am having a problem with defining a working panelMenu for use in Internet Explorer.
      When defining a panelMenu in IE6 and IE7 there occurs a Javascript error and the expand-functionality of the panelMenu breaks.

      For instance the following simple panelMenu works in FF but not in IE:

      <rich:panelMenu style="width:200px" mode="none"
       iconExpandedGroup="disc" iconCollapsedGroup="disc"
       iconExpandedTopGroup="chevronUp" iconGroupTopPosition="right"
       <rich:panelMenuGroup label="Group 1">
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="Item 1.1" />
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="Item 1.2" />
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="Item 1.3" />
       <rich:panelMenuGroup label="Group 2">
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="Item 2.1" />
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="Item 2.2" />
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="Item 2.3" />
       <rich:panelMenuGroup label="Group 2.4">
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="Item 2.4.1" />
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="Item 2.4.2" />
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="Item 2.4.3" />
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="Item 2.5" />
       <rich:panelMenuGroup label="Group 3">
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="Item 3.1" />
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="Item 3.2" />
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="Item 3.3" />

      The error in IE in panelMenu.js (line 136):
      "Object doesn't support this property or method"

      The specific line in the js file:
      this.content = this.tdhider.select(".dr-pmenu-group-self-label")[0];

      For the following IE versions:

      Richfaces version: 3.3.1.GA
      JSF version: 1.2_08
      Facelets version: 1.1.14

      I hope I provided enough information to make this a reproducible bug because this looks like a serious one with breaking functionality.