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    Send MultiPart request from Java Applet-External POST to SEAM3 .xhtml page

    Dušan Stamenković Newbie


      How can Multipart request which send's the data to let say one page http://localhost:8080/bla-services/services/filechunkreceive be intercepted with something like this:

      public void create() {
       log.info("Page has been started!");
       MultipartRequest multipart = (MultipartRequest) FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().getRequest();
       for (UploadedFile up : ((MultipartRequest) multipart).getUploadedFiles()) {

      So I can get files and parameters from EXTERNAL POST in my case Applet?

      All this multipart send is already working with C# so there is no problems on client side.

      Thank you.