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    Seam security: JpaIdentitystore searchCriteria

    bram meijboom Newbie

      Hi guy's,

      Is it me or isn't the searchCriteria filtering implemented in the

          public Collection<IdentityObject> findIdentityObject(
                  IdentityStoreInvocationContext ctx,
                  IdentityObjectType identityType, IdentityObjectSearchCriteria searchCriteria)
                  throws IdentityException {

      method of the org.jboss.seam.security.management.picketlink.JpaIdentityStore?

      I am trying to filter on attributes (firstname and surname) wich works in the ldap implementeation of the picketlink api bu the jpa implementation in seam security just gives me all identity objects in the db.

      Just a quick glance at the hibernate implementation of picketlink has the same issue, it implements identiotyobject.name filtering and paging, but not the attribute filtering.