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    Faces page flow - login - guidance

    baecks Newbie


      I have set up my app using the seam 3 security and faces modules to provide authentication/authorization. I defined the interface with the @ViewConfig annotation, applied the other annotations to the enums etc:

      public interface Pages {
              static enum Pages1 {
                      // @AccessDeniedView("/denied.xhtml")

      When browsing to /app/home.seam, i get redirected to the login page. After loggin in (successful completion of the authenticator method), I remain on the login page. Browsing to /app/home.seam again, results in redirection to the login page.

      Does anybody know what could be wrong here?

      The more general question is: how to properly handling page flows in SEAM 3/JSF2. pages.xml is apparently not supported anymore in combination with facelets.