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    Seamfaces-prettyfaces integration problem.

    MIklos Piklos Newbie

      I am using seam-faces 3.0.2


      annotation. I configure my pretty faces with it.
      However it seems that there are some limitations with it.


      Lincoln has this example in his doc:

      <url-mapping id="archives">
        <pattern value="/#{ /\\d{4}/ year }/#{ /\\d{2}/ month }/" />
        <view-id value="/faces/blog/archives.jsf" /> 

      For urls such as '/blog/2010/12/'


      <url-mapping id="viewAuthorPost">
        <pattern value="/#{ /[a-z]+/ blogger }/#{ /\\d+/ postId }/" />
        <view-id value="/faces/blog/viewPost.jsf"/> 

      For urls such as

      For urls such as '/blog/lincoln/23/'

      In order for this to work we need to have two mappings with the same view-id.

      That doesn't seem to be possible with seam-faces.

      Here is why:

      ViewConfigExtension has a map:

      Map<String, Set<Annotation>> data= ...
       public <T> void processAnnotatedType(@Observes ProcessAnnotatedType<T> event) {
          for (Class clazz : tp.getJavaClass().getClasses()) {
             for (Field enumm : clazz.getFields()) {
                Set<Annotation> viewPattern = new HashSet<Annotation>();
                data.put(viewConfig.value(), viewPattern);

      So If you have two mappings in the


      with the same value it seems that the field that is scanned last will overwrite all previous entries :( and thus effectively limit what prettfaces can do.