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    Usage of JcrNode annotation value attribute

    Jonne Deprez Newbie

      What is the use of the value attribute of the JcrNode annotation? When persisting a node the OCMHandler creates a new node based on the path, but the NodeType is not taken into account.
      I'm trying to create a new nt:folder node inside an already existing nt:folder node. The OCM mapping class is simply:

      public class FolderNode {
          private String uuid;
          public String getUuid() {
              return uuid;
          public void setUuid(String uuid) {
              this.uuid = uuid;

      The parent node restricts the children to nodes of types of nt:folder, nt:file, etc. I would expect this to work, but it fails with a ConstraintViolationException.

      Am I right that with the Seam JCR module only nodes of type nt:unstructured can be used?