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    Seam Security 3 Authorization Restricted View Renders on first request, but not subsequent

    bwilly Newbie

      The first request for a restricted view will always render. But actions on that page will result in a @AccessDeniedView outcome -- the proper outcome.

      And the cycle is endless. For example, if in,say, the nav, I have a link to myRestrictedView.xhtml and I click it, the restricted view will render (when it should not). But, now that I am on the restricted view page, if I click from the nav myRestrictedView.xhtml, I will be routed to a denied view page. Now that I am no longer on a restricted view, if i click the very same link in the nav, the myRestrictedView.xhtml will render.

      I have a theory the the PhaseIdType.RESTOREVIEW is honoring the authorization restricted view, but not the PhaseIdType.RENDERRESPONSE. Thus, when on the restricted page and an action is clicked, I am bounced from the page b/c PhaseIdType.RESTOREVIEW kicks me out, but when PhaseIdType.RESTOREVIEW does not execute for this page, then the view is rendered.

      This seems like a bug to me. Thoughts?