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    The Missing Beans

    John Ament Master

      I've come across a weird issue, and I'm not sure how to correct it.

      We decided, due to a system issue, to only deploy one server for the management side of the app I've been working on.  No cluster.  The main part of this app is an upload utility, where the user can use the richfaces uploader to upload up to 100 images at a time.  I've noticed that every so often (15 minutes or so) webbeans loses the ILoginBean.  It gives a class cast exception.  The session timeout on the web-side is 240 minutes.  ILoginBean is a SessionScoped EnterpriseWebBean that holds the user's authentication information just username and group list).  The uploader keeps a reference to it (injected, not looked up via the manager) and uses the username to track who uploads what image (everytime an image gets uploaded, a new database record is created.  for a replacement, it gets updated).

      After about 15 minutes, accessing the ILoginBean results in a class cast exception.  I can get the full trace over the weekend once I connect back to work.  restarting the app (undeploy/redeploy) cleans it up, but breaks some other production depdencies so it's not a good long term solution.  We can successfully upload any number of images (current fastest load was about 210 images in the 15 minute period, all 4-7 mb TIFF files).