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    global install of fckeditor

    Bob Walker Newbie

      I'm moving my web apps from Tomcat to jBoss.

      One of tools that I used in all applications on Tomcat was fckeditor. It was installed at ../webapps/fckeditor and was available to all applications from /fckeditor.

      What is the equivalent in jBoss?
      Installing to ../deploy/fckeditor does not work.
      Renaming the directory to fckeditor.war does work, but I find this a bit odd.

      I read in another post about installing fckeditor in the ROOT application. Not sure how this would work and how other applications would see it.

      So, I suppose my question would be: looking for recommendations or best practices on how to provide a .js library (such as fckeditor) to all applcations in jBoss.

      Thanks, Bob.