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    Web Beans and Hadoop

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      Hadoop is a popular open-source version of Google's MapReduce.  I'm reading the brand new O'Reilly book on Hadoop and it just crossed my mind how would Hadoop be integrated with JEE systems using Web Beans in EE 6.

      Specifically, the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) integration with Web Beans to provide data analysis front-end tools/capability.

      Has anybody looked at this area of integration (very large, distributed file sets rather than RDBMDS or OODBMS) with EE 6?

      The example in the beginning of the book was a weather data collection system which collected temperatures for multiple locations over the world.  So the idea was to use Hadoop (essentially a Map routine and a Reduce routine) to create a collection of temperatures for each given year in the data set and then reduce that per year to the minimum (or maximum) temperature per year.

      And then we could integrate that data set into a Web Beans (or Seam) application and provide statistics and graphs, etc. in the presentation tier.