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    Conversion: String to Beans


      In a web application, we usually convert the request params from String (or String array) to Beans. All web frameworks do that.
      Is string conversion a topic of Web beans spec?

      A conversion workflow has usually 3 phases:
      1 - inspect the property type: String, Date, Number, beans
      2 - do the conversion: '1 to 1, 01/01/2009 to Date, etc
      3 - inject the converted object according the request name: person.name, person.age, etc

      Who would have do this conversion?


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          e.g. JSF and converters? Or did I miss the question?

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            Yes, its about converters.

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              No, conversion is not part of the spec. Seam did include a basic converter, as does EL and JSF.

              We won't be adding it to Weld or the spec IMO.

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                Right, Weld won't include anything that is specific to a certain web framework (not even JSF). Conversion is the responsibility of your web framework.

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                  I'm very happy that this is being left to the web frameworks.  Weld's web framework agnosticism is awesome.  Encoding/Decoding of web request params and management of encoding schemes (foo?x=y& vs /foo/x/y) is definitely not something I want my DI container handling.

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                    This type of conversion is covered by JSF, and can be registered to take place automatically using view parameters, that is, if you are using JSF 2. You associate a name and EL binding with a page and each time there is a transition, the bean goes back and forth between string request parameter and object.

                    Now, would it be nice to have a declarative convertor, like bean validation is to validation? In most cases, converting to and from a string is easy. Dates come to mind as something that requires developer involvement.

                    public Date getStartDate() { return date; }

                    That would certainly be agnostic to JSF...something Wicket could consume, for instance.

                    Either way, it isn't a JSR-299 thing.