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    Weld, Seam, JSF 2 and Stuff

    Drew Arrigoni Newbie

      This is kind of more of a J2EE6/RedHat question than it is specifically Weld or Seam. I hope you guys might be able to help me out but if there is a better place for this question, let me know.

      So, I'm really liking Weld, CDI, JSF 2, JPA 2, EJB 3.1, etc. etc. All the new specs seem like a serious step forward. However, I'm having a hard time really grokking all the different pieces that float out there. So here's a wad of questions from a relative noob.

      1) Are Weld and Seam 2 interoperable? Stuff like the email and PDF plugins or Pageflows and JBPM? Will my CDI marked beans work in those extensions? If not, how far off is Seam 3? I've seen end of the year but is that still likely? Are there workarounds?

      2) This isn't the right forum but maybe y'all can help: Is JSF 2 backwards compatible with JSF 1.2 frameworks? (RichFaces 3, IceFaces 1, etc.) Will my CDI beans resolve correctly with these older frameworks?

      3) As far as documentation goes, I hope you guys will strongly consider including example configurations with Maven2 (which I use, but I would imagine stuff like Ant/Ivy, etc. would also be good for the community). Are there any plans to include such things? What about Maven Archetypes and the like? Would these be Application Server specific at current?

      4) I really like the jBPM and business process scoped beans and how nicely it flows with Seam. This really shows my ignorance, but is BPM a spec? Is it something that one can expect to be part of a J2EE 6 Application Server?

      5) Is pageflow going to be a spec? Being able to declaratively determine navigation and server actions without having to work that into the code is very nice. This really helps the objective of having as little glue code as possible.

      6) Again, shows my ignorance, but is the EL expanded to include things like parameters? If so, is that going to be part of the documentation on Weld? (using the EL is one of the biggest parts of using CDI, isn't it? And I ask sincerely.)