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    XML Exensions

    Stuart Douglas Master

      I have created a portable extension to allow configuration of beans via XML. The first pre-alpha release can be downloaded from https://launchpad.net/jbraze. This is still very early days, but any feedback would be appreciated.

      The readme contains instructions, and the tests contain example XML code. The file syntax looks like:

              <test:OtherQualifier value1="AA" value2="1">A</test:OtherQualifier>
              <test:OtherQualifier value1="BB" value2="2" value="B" />
                  <test:OtherQualifier value1="AA" value2="1" value="A" />
                  <test:OtherQualifier value1="BB" value2="2">B</test:OtherQualifier>
                  <!-- AroundInvoke does not actually work due to what appears to be a weld bug, the annotation must be physically present -->