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    Distributed version control for Weld and Seam

    Dan Allen Master

      At Devoxx 09, the Weld and Seam project teams discussed migrating the Weld and Seam 3 source code to a distributed version control system (DVCS). We've followed up on this agenda item with a discussion on weld-dev (http://lists.jboss.org/pipermail/seam-dev/2009-November/thread.html) to get feedback from the community on which system to choose. There has been strong support for Git and Mercurial, with some mention of Bazaar.

      Pete has created a testing-only import of the Weld core trunk into both Github and BitBucket, open hosting providers for Git and Mercurial, respectively. Please try them out and give us feedback on which option you would prefer. We can't promise we will choose your option, but if we hear overwhelming support for one or the other, that's obviously going to influence the final decision.

      Please note that these repositories will be destroyed after the testing period. Don't depend on them!