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    Event payload

    Arbi Sookazian Master


      so when an event is generated/fired, in what scope does it live and/or how long during a user session is it available for observation?  I'm thinking it's scope-independent and observation happens effectively immediately.

      It seems to me that the event firing is synchronous and the observers must observe immediately:

      The event is delivered to every observer method that:
             has an event parameter to which the event object is assignable, and
             does not have any event qualifier except for the event qualifiers that match those specified at the Event injection point.

      So does the container keep track of how many observations were successful or doesn't care?  In the case of an EJB observer in a separate WAR/EAR in the same app server/container, what if it is not immediately available to observe the event(s) at the event firing time?  Is it too bad, so sad or can they have a 2nd chance to observer later?

      Can the observation even happen outside the current app???  Like can a remote EJB observe the fired event(s)???