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    EJBContainer.createEJBContainer() does not seem to scan dependent jars

    Johan Eltes Newbie

      Not sure this is a glassfish- or a weld issue.

      I have two CDI-bases projects (both bean archives) that depend on the same third bean archive.
      The first of the two projects is run as a weld unit test with weld-se. The second project uses a standard junit testcase to run tests on some EJB:s of the same project.

      Project 1 and 2 both inject cdi beans from the third bean archive. Ir works fine in the weld-se-based project. The same injection (within a CDi-bean that is injected into a singleton EJB) can't be resolved by the embeddable EJB container (glassfish). As long as I only inject cdi beans of the same archive as the EJBs, all works fine.

      weld-se-proj -> dpendent-cdi-archive works
      ejbproj -> pendent-cdi-archive fails

      Any insights would be much appreciated.