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    rich:calendar month not showing correctly

    Žiga Gantar Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am having trouble withh calendar showing wrong values for months using month-year calendar. As you can see from the code bellow I have a normal outputText for debugging and month-year calendar. The problem is when I choose eg. October outputText shows correct value, that is 1.10.2009, but calendar shows September. The problem has something to do with timeZone but I don't know why or where and I need timezone since we are using UTC times in our app. Please help. The month-year calendar I am using is done after recomendatitons from this site: http://relation.to/Bloggers/RichFacesCalendarForMonthsSelection#comment12953

      Best regards, Ziga

      <h:outputText value="#{reportParameters.date}">
       <f:convertDateTime type="both" timeStyle="medium" timeZone="#{timeZone}"/>
      <rich:calendar showWeekDaysBar="false" showFooter="false" timeZone="#{timeZone}" locale="#{locale}" id="calendar"
       value="#{reportParameters.date}" popup="false" styleClass="special"