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    Decorators broken?

    Pieter Martin Novice


      I am trying to use @ThreadScope and the RunnableDecorator but am getting ambiguous dependencies.

      I noticed this this in jira

      Does this mean Decorators are broken for now in trunk and in the 1.0.0-SP1 release?


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          Andy Gibson Novice

          Hi Pieter,

          I believe this issue relates to problems if there are 0 or or more than one possible candidates for the delegate in the decorator. It sounds like the bug means that there can be one and only one suitable delegate. The problem (as in the Jira) is that weld is checking for unsatisfied (0 matches) dependencies or ambiguous (more than 1) dependencies.

          Thus it seems a single match will work, but yes, there are some problems with decorators that is currently unfixed (according to the Jira).


          Andy Gibson