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    Scope type without @Scope or @NormalScope

    Koichi Kobayashi Newbie

      CDI spec (2.4.2. Defining new scope types) says

      All scope types must also specify the @javax.inject.Scope or @javax.enterprise.context.NormalScope meta-annotation

      But a scope type without the @Scope or @NormalScope works well.

      1) declare scope type without @Scope or @NormalScope.

      @Target( { TYPE, METHOD, FIELD })
      public @interface SomeScoped {}

      2) register the scope.

      beforeBeanDiscovery.addScope(SomeScoped.class, true, false);

      3) register the context.

      afterBeanDiscovery.addContext(new SomeContext());

      I think that the @SomeScoped should become Error If all scope types must specify @Scope or @NormalScope.

      But Weld accept the @SomeScoped if I register it (step 2).

      Which is right?