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    Injection into EJB interceptors and custom JSF ExceptionHandler classes

    Ian R Newbie

      Has anybody tried doing this and succeeded?

      I have a @Interceptor around my EJB class and I'm trying to inject into that class (just a logger), but it never gets injected.
      I also have a custom exception handler in my JSF (using exception-handler-factory in my faces-config.xml) and am trying to inject into that (again, a logger).

      Could it be because these classes are created by the container and simply instantiated, rather than anything else? I'm asking because I've been fixing my custom Factory classes - the classes they produced weren't being injected into because I instantiated the classes myself (rather than let Weld find me an instance). Once I did that, they work. But these classes are outside my control.

      Barring my hypothesis, is there a way for forcing these classes to become managed and hence be injectable?