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    I'm confused about the repository for Weld

    alessandro rossi Newbie

      "Weld in Maven

      Weld is available from Maven Central:

          Group Id: javax.enterprise
      Artifact Ids: cdi-api

          Group Id: org.jboss.weld
      Artifact Ids: weld-core, weld-api, weld-spi

      Please be advised that if you are building applications on Weld using Maven, we still recommend using the JBoss Maven repository as well as central. We haven't been able to confirm that all the runtime dependencies are located in the Maven Central repository.
      The reccomendation available is to use JBoss Maven repository but i'm a little lost.

      The artifact are different so how i can know where are available these package on that repository?

      For example in maven central i can find easy the package weld-osgi-bundle-1.0.1-Final.jar:

      while i don't find the equivalent on the repository JBoss Maven.