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    text in <h:outputText> truncated

    spicy pink Newbie


      I am using <h:outputText> to show 500KB of data. But, the text gets truncated after displaying a small amount of text in Mozilla fire fox. And the text is completely shown in IE8. Basically, I need a horizontal scrollbar to fit the page for print and I do not want vertical scroll bar. Please see the following code:

      <a4j:outputPanel layout="block"
      style='width:99%;overflow:scroll; overflow-y:hidden; overflow-x:auto;' "
      <!--ui:include src="../customview/overlayContent.xhtml" ></ui:include-->
      <a4j:outputPanel id="PrintPreview_widgetView" styleClass="richBlock floatStyleIE minContainerCell" >
      <span id="PrintPreview_wIdentifier#{containerPanel.panelID}" style="display: none;"> </span>
       <div style="border: 1px solid #c0c0c0; background-color: #ECEEF4;">
       <pre width="100%"><h:outputText value="#{backingBean.fileData}" /></pre></div>