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    Missing Classes in weld-se.jar

    Silas Schwarz Newbie


      i downloaded the latest (1.0.1 final) version of weld and tried to run the simple hello world sample using only java se. so using the provided weld-se.jar which does not seem to work since it's missing the impl package of slf4j resulting in a java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder.
      i bypassed that by simple copying the impl package from one of the other jar files
      but still i does not seem to run
      what am i missing ?!


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          Wujek Srujek Newbie

          The package is excluded during the build on purpose because if it is put there, it prevents users from using a different slf4j binding. I am not sure why copying it in doesn't work for you, but a better approach would be to simply download one of the bindings you want to use, and add it to your applications classpath, so that when the container boots up and requested this class, it can be found. It makes it easy for you to switch slf4j bindings.
          It would be really nice if there was a weld-se.jar with all dependencies for your use case, and also a plain jar with no dependencies for other cases (like mine ;d) as including deps has its own problems as well (like this one: http://seamframework.org/Community/UnshadedWeldSEDistribution).