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    ZK CDI extension released

    Ashish Dasnurkar Newbie

      Hi All,

      Yesterday we released ZK CDI 1.0RC which is an open-source CDI extension based on the portable extension mechanism defined in JSR-299 of the Java EE 6 platform. It allows Java EE application developers to seamlessly leverage both ZK and CDI’s powerful set of features for developing enterprise applications.

      In addition to the built in features of CDI, ZK CDI provides the following features

      • Custom variable resolver/EL resolver

      • ZK custom scopes

      • ZK components as managed beans

      • UI event handlers using ZK custom annotation and CDI provided event notification model

      Download ZK CDI Extension from here. For more details and a demo example please take a look at our Getting started with ZK CDI smalltalk.

      We have developed/tested it using Weld implementation of CDI and we greatly appreciate Weld development team for putting out Weld RI and this community for providing great resources and timely help.

      Any feedback/thoughts are deeply appreciated


      - Ashish