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    GlassFish v3 - Weld - Wicket

    Mark Ericksen Newbie

      I'm building a new java project using all JEE6 technologies.  That means I'm using JPA, CDI, and JSF2 for example. Each layer came together great with fully annotated classes until I got to the JSF2 layer which drove
      me crazy because JSF wants to mess with HTML element ids and names.

      In looking for alternative view layers I came across Wicket. The technology seems great in terms of its philosophy to keep presentation code separate, except I'm not finding much information about its support for JEE6 technologies.

      In particular searches for support for Weld only got me to an old example in the Seam project.  I cannot find any current references to using Weld within a Wicket project where I can use annotations such as @Inject, @Named, @ApplicationScoped, etc.

      Is there currently any working support for Weld in Wicket?  Downloading the Weld project from JBoss, I included the weld-wicket.jar into my project and my application is subclassed from WeldApplication. (see http://docs.jboss.org/weld/reference/1.0.0/en-US/html/viewlayers.html)  No such luck.  Any class injected using @Inject is still null.  What supporting jar or configuration setup am I missing?

      I am using GlassFish v3 which has all the JEE6 goodies included.
      Developing with Eclipse.

      I appreciate any help!