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    Weld and JSPs

    John Ament Master

      So I saw an older thread on this, but nothing more recent and was wondering if there was any progress on this.

      Basically I have a legacy app that we can only migrate parts of from old to new tech.  One thing I'm aiming to do is add CDI support into the app to clean up the code a bit.  Problem though is that it's using JSP for view and it's not really that easy to swap out for JSF.

      If I just add

      @Inject @Named("form")
      FormBean form;

      to my JSP, I get an error about invalid spot for annotation.  Kind of makes sense. 

      So then I try just removing those lines - I guess technically since my bean is @SessionScoped @Named("form") it should automatically inject. However, that fails as well.

      This is all within GFV3.