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    Strange behaviour with @PersistenceContext

    Diego Coronel Apprentice


      This is my project structure:

      - WebProject
           - WebContent
              - lib
                 - core.jar

      Both, WebProject and Core.jar are with beans.xml in meta-inf folder. So, my problem is that if i try to use my persistenceContext provider in core.jar it does not work. im getting an error saying that a producer cant return null, but, if i recort this same provider to WebProject it works. So, shouldnt it work in both cases?

      my provider:

      public class Provider {
           @PersistenceContext( unitName = "DfpcUnit" )
           private EntityManager entityManager;
           @PersistenceUnit( unitName = "DfpcUnit" )
           private EntityManagerFactory emf;
           @Produces @RequestScoped @Database 
           public EntityManager getEntityManager() {
                return entityManager;
           @Produces @RequestScoped 
           public EntityManagerFactory getEmf() {
                return emf;