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    Apparent inaccuracies in Conversation documentation

    David Beaumont Newbie

      According to the docs:
      http://docs.jboss.org/weld/reference/latest/en-US/html/scopescontexts.html#d0e1882 conversations can be accessed via


      However this doesn't seem to work for me. Instead I have to do


      This is on the versions of glassfish and weld that come with Netbeans 6.9 RC1.


      Another problem is that the conversation is propagated by default with h:link tags, not via an explicit parameter like the documentation says. So my tag:

      <h:link value="Index" outcome="/index.xhtml" />


      <a href="/SecurityTest/index.jsf?cid=12">Index</a>

      And this can't be got rid of by doing something like

      <f:param name="cid" value="" />

      as Weld will go mad trying to lookup a blank conversation id. If you can't get rid of the conversation surely it is a session! I'm apparently not the only one having this trouble: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2686240/can-one-suppress-the-conversation-propagation-with-an-hlink