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    Scope question regarding portable extensions observing EJBs

    Laird Nelson Apprentice

      Suppose I wanted to make a portable extension that observed all EJB deployments in an ear file, where those EJB deployments might come from several ejb jars inside it.  Where would I place this portable extension to see all EJB deployments for that .ear file?

      Right now, I have it packaged in a library jar, available in the ear's lib directory.  The jar file in question has a META-INF/services entry, of course, and an empty META-INF/beans.xml file in it.  However, on Glassfish 3.1 b09, my extension--which gets a BeanManager and otherwise behaves normally--does not see any EJBs in the BeanManager's getBeans(Object.class) output.  It sees a lot of other Weld internal stuff, but, again, no EJBs.

      Is this something that is possible, or...?