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    Interceptor binding of bean added by portable extension is ignored

    Gunnar Morling Newbie

      I'm trying to add a bean using a portable extension as described in section 16.6 of the Weld reference guide.

      The bean itself is registered as expected, but the interceptor binding associated with the stereotype I'm returning in getStereotypes() seems to be ignored, in fact the getStereotypes() method is never invoked. If I add the same stereotype using a stereotype annotation to a standard managed bean, the interceptor associated with the stereotype is invoked as expected, so I think everything is right with the stereotype and interceptor themselves.

      I grepped through the Weld sources and didn't find an apparent site where Bean.getStereotypes() would be called in order to retrieve the interceptor bindings. Can anyone confirm that or is there a working example/test for an extension-added bean using a stereotype and interceptor?

      Thanks, Gunnar