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    Bean created twice

      For a simple application, accessing http://localhost:8080/HelloConversation/faces/index.xhtml creates ShoppingCart twice. Any idea ?

      Utility class is ...

      public class ConvUtil implements Serializable {
           @Inject ShoppingCart cart;

           public ShoppingCart getCart() {
               return cart;

      index.xhtml has ...
                       <h:inputText value="#{util.cart}" title="name" id="name"
                                    required="true" />

      ShoppingCart is ...

      public class ShoppingCart implements Serializable {
           public ShoppingCart() {
               System.out.println("Creating shopping cart ..." + Calendar.getInstance().get(Calendar.MILLISECOND));


      At least the log messages like:

      INFO: Creating shopping cart ...264
      INFO: Creating shopping cart ...265

      are printed.

      Tried changing the scope of ShoppingCart to RequestScoped but still the same. Changed @Named to @javax.faces.bean.ManagedBean on ShoppingCart.

      What am I not doing correctly ?