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    Odd behaviour with weld-extensions on the classpath

    Alen Vrečko Newbie


      while making a custom extension for Weld/CDI there is something odd when weld-extensions.jar is on the classpath:

      public <T> void processAnotated(@Observes ProcessAnnotatedType<T> event, BeanManager manager) {
         System.out.println("processAnnotated: " + event.getAnnotatedType().getClass());

      Sometimes all annotated types are of type AnnotatedTypeImpl while on other runs of the program they are of WeldClassImpl.

      I can't help but think there is something bad lurking in the background.

      If using alpha3 version - when WeldClassImpl is chosen Weld cannot see changes set via event.setAnnotatedType() while if AnnotatedTypeImpl it works. Weld can see changes in the latest build of weld-extensions but still sometimes I see WeldClassImpl other times AnnotatedTypeImpl.

      Just wanted to point this out. Gives me the creeps.