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    What do we call Java Contexts and Dependency Injection?

    Andy Gibson Novice

      How should we be referring to Java Contexts and Dependency Injection? The full title is way too long so people have started using CDI instead. I noticed in the Glassfish installed components tab it is referred to as JCDI, keeping the 'Java' at the front of it while CDI is used in the documentation for Weld. I think there are two good cases for using JCDI over CDI.

      CDI is more often used as there are over 25 million results for it on Google and most of them are not related to JCDI, in fact, JCDI doesn't even make the first page. Comparatively, JCDI has only 75,000 results and some of the results on the first page do relate to J/CDI. This is also important for job searches since I think there is a recruitment company called CDI which skews results.

      Secondly, the 'J' for Java is kept in many other Java EE components such as JSF, JDBC, JMS, JCA so in keeping with that tradition, it seems that CDI should be referred to as JCDI. It would certainly be in keeping with the Java EE tradition.

      Building branding and momentum is going to be hard when there are vaguarities over the name, or the name is commonly used. It's like the Java EE, J2ee, Jee issue all over again.

      Is there an official edict on the matter?