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    Unit testing CDI enabled applications using Weld SE

    Lefteris Laskaridis Newbie

      I am trying to unit test some CDI beans using Weld SE however i bumped into some problems. The idea is that from within my test class i instantiate the weld container and then use it to retrieve my bean as so:

      WeldContainer weld = new Weld().initialize();

      My bean class is the following:

      public class ClassA {
         @Inject ClassB injectee;
         // ...

      What happens is that i get a big fat UnsatisfiedResolutionException exception, saying:

      WELD-001308 Unable to resolve managed beans for Types: [class account.ClassA]; Bindings: [@javax.enterprise.inject.Default()]

      a) Does anybody knows what i'm doing wrong? and b) have you figured out an efficient way to test your CDI enabled applications?