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    Choosing a technology a new project

    Leonardo Devai Newbie

      Hi All,

      I've been working with
      Seam for almost two years now and it is my favorite tool.

      Unfortunately there are a few downsides to it, it runs perfectly fine on any JBoss but if you want to deploy it somewhere else like Tomcat then the configuration hell starts, and I can't consider using JBoss 'rapid development', deployment & startup time are just too slow.

      On the past few months I've been searching for the "best choice" of technologies to start a new "simple" CRUD project with Grails, Seam 3, Weld and even Spring 3, but still, everyday there's a new technology out with tons of configurations necessary, which makes life more confusing.

      It would be nice to see some opinions and comments on what to use to achieve creating a new project and having decent rapid application development. (JPA / JPA2, JSF2 / Richfaces, Hibernate, Weld, Tomcat+Embedded Jboss/JBoss/Glassfish, etc...)
      What set of tools do you use? (IDE, plugins, AS, Maven/ant, etc..)

      J2EE is just too confusing, better get back to Perl & regular expressions world :D

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          Jan Groth Novice

          I know exactly what you mean ;-)

          Personally I must say that life turned way more complicated when I started with Maven - but after a relatively short period of initial pain and obstacles it all got better...

          Usually there is a Maven archetype out there which gives you a good start with your setup and saves a lot of trouble and configuration hell...