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    beans.xml in META-INF or WEB-INF

    nimo stephan Master

      Does it matter, where I put the beans.xml?

      In Maven-Weld-Archetypes, beans.xml is put in WEB-INF.

      However, the Weld-Documentation says in Chapter 1.1, to put it into META-INF:

      There's just little one thing you need to do before you can start injecting
      them into stuff: you need to put them in an archive (a jar, or a Java EE module such as a war or EJB jar) that contains
      a special marker file: META-INF/beans.xml.

      Where should I put it?

      As CDI can be also used in non Web-Apps, I should put it into META-INF instead of WEB-INF, am I right?