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    Weld + Wicket + Spring - recommendations?

    Kariem Hussein Newbie

      I was not sure whether I should put this into the Seam 3 forum or here, but I assume that there are more people using Weld than Seam 3. If this is not the right place, please tell me where to ask this question.

      With the Spring extensions in Seam 3 now expected for 3.1 what would be the right way, if I want to use Spring with Wicket while building on CDI?

      From what I found here in the forums, there were already some efforts building on Weld Extensions:

      However, I am a little bit reluctant to build an application on that. Not that I think that it does not work, but there should be more than a few forums posts for something like that. Especially, since there has not been much response on both posts.

      Do I miss anything or is everyone using this as base for their projects? I assume I could not find anything because a lot of people are waiting for something to come out of Seam 3 Modules: Spring Integration. The problem is that except for a listing in the Seam 3 modules, I could not find more information on that:

      Anyone with more information? I am sure I missed something.

      Thank you,