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    Unchecked cast from List - typesafe injection

    nimo stephan Master

      I get a debug-warning:

      "Type safety: Unchecked cast from List to List<Users>"

      for that:

      public List <User> getUsers() 
                return (List <Users>) entityManager.createNamedQuery("getUsers").getResultList();

      Can I avoid a unchecked-cast warnings with weld.

      Is there a way to use a qualifier or the like?

      I dont want to use

      @SuppressWarnings(unchecked) to all my queries.

      In Warp-persist from Google Guice, I can say something like:

      @Finder(namedQuery = "getUsers")
      public List<Foo> getUsers(@Named("id") final int id) {
          throw new AssertionError();

      So you see, no unchecked-cast warning occurs in warp-persist.

      How can I do that with weld?

      Is there something like that in seam 3?

      It is really annoying to have all that surpress-warnings or unchecked-cast-exceptions all over my queries.