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    JBoss 6.0.0-SNAPSHOT: CDI decorator not being applied to SLSB

    Olaf Bergner Newbie
      I have a business interface

      public interface ItemDao extends GenericJpaDao<Item, Long> {...}

      annotated with a qualifier annotation

      @Target( { TYPE, METHOD, PARAMETER, FIELD })
      public @interface DomainStateChanging {}

      and implemented by an SLSB

      public class JpaItemDao extends AbstractJpaDao<Item, Long> implements ItemDao {...}

      Now, I would like to apply the decorator

      public abstract class StateChangeEventPropagatingItemDaoDecorator implements
              ItemDao {

          private ItemDao delegate;


      to this SLSB. All these classes reside in the same deployment unit, wrapped up in an ear. In this deployment unit's beans.xml, I enabled my decorator through


      However, my decorator is not applied to my SLSB, as verified by log output and extensive debugging. What am I doing wrong? I'm using one of the latest JBoss AS 6 snapshot builds that includes Weld 1.1.0 Beta1.