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    Dynamic Classloading and Bean-Registration with WeldContainer at Runtime

    Joachim Stahl Newbie

      we are looking for a feature to register beans with the WeldContainer at runtime to support hot deployable plugins of our service-framework with zero-downtime. Per default, Weld initialises the container during startup-time and registers beans found in the classpath.

      With a look at the BeanManager and Container API's of Weld, it seems as there is no functionality provided to register beans of a new type (i.e. class) made available to the classpath at runtime via dynamic classloading. A reloading step (i.e. stop and start the weld-container) breaks with our high-availability requirements.

      Does anyone know, how to realize incremental scan- and bean-registration deployments on an existing and already initialized WeldContainer-Instance?

      Best regards and thanks in advance, Jo