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    Decorator ordering on more than one module.

    Cloves Almeida Newbie

      Say I have the following structure:

        base.jar: /* module with basic classes */
        stock.jar: /* specialized module dealing with inventory */
        finance.jar: /* specialized module dealing with financials */

      Both stock and finance modules depend on base but are completely independent of each other. SupplierForm and CreditorForm are specialized versions of the PersonForm UI controller where module-specific data is placed. For instance, CreditorForm add a Deposit Account field to the Person Form.

      I thought of implementing this scenario using @Decorators. SupplierForm and CreditorForm decorates the UI building logic. The questions are:

      A. On such scenario, where should I enable the decorators?

      1. enable both decorators on base.jar!beans.xml;

      2. enable each decorator on its module beans.xml;

      3. none of the above.

      B. What would be the decorator calling order if they're not enabled on the same beans.xml?