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    Welding problems with generic ejb producer

    Anders Åberg Newbie

      Hi guys

      I am trying to make a producer method that can produce references to our remote EJB's, basically a replacement for @EJB. The purpose is to be able to introduce proxies on the client side, caching, and dynamic remote host configuration.

      I have got the plumbing in place, but I'm having problems welding it all together.. What I would like to do is this:

      @Inject @Service
      private StatusService statusService;

      Where a producer method is able to find the right service. And my working producer method looks like this:

      @Produces @Service
      public StatusService getStatusService(InjectionPoint ip) throws NamingException {
           return lookupRemoteEJB((Class)ip.getAnnotated().getBaseType());

      But, if I change the return type of this method to BaseService (which StatusService inherits from), or just Object, I get this exception:

      UnsatisfiedResolutionException: WELD-001308 Unable to resolve managed beans for Types: [interface no.evote.service.StatusService]; Bindings: [@no.evote.presentation.Service()]

      Which is sort of..unsatisfying.

      StatusService looks like this:

      public interface StatusService extends BaseService {

      And @Service is a qualifier:

      @Target( { TYPE, METHOD, PARAMETER, FIELD })
      public @interface Service {

      Is there any way I can keep the producer method generic while still having the clean injection syntax?