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    How to build Weld examples without GPG?

    Claus Hausberger Newbie

      I am currently trying to deploy the Wicket example to JBoss AS 6 with the command

      $ and deploy

      The jar is build but after that the build scripts fails with this error message:

      Reading passphrase from file descriptor 0   
           [java] GPG Passphrase: *gpg: no default secret key: secret key not available
           [java] gpg: signing failed: secret key not available
           [java] [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
           [java] [ERROR] BUILD ERROR

      I can  not use GPG on my machine. How can I built it without signing it. It is just on my local machine. There is no need for signing anything.

      I tried like this:

      $ ant deploy -Dmaven.artifact.gpg.skip=true

      but this didn't help.

      I also just copied the war file to the JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy where it gets deployed correctly but it doesn't work because the address
      http://localhost:8080/weld-numberguess-wicket/   (taken from the Weld docs)
      always returns a 404.

      I thought this is because the build process might do something to the war after the GPG signing that is important for deployment and just copying the jar won't be enough.

      Any help is welcome. I need this example to be running to convince some people that Wicket is a perfect fit for CDI.

      thanks in advance for any help.