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    Weld SE - classpath scanning

    Tomasz Kowalczewski Newbie

      I am new to Weld and started implementing an application in SE environment. I had problems with setting up my project to work with Weld (I am using Eclipse). Weld does not find any managed beans from my project. I have META-INF/beans.xml on classpath. When I package my code into jar then it all works fine.

      The problem here seems to be how Weld searches for classes it can manage. Let's assume following project structure:


      When it finds META-INF/beans.xml it will take the directory this file is in (here "conf") and will scan it looking for *.class files. This means that in SE environment I need to put "META-INF/beans.xml" where I put my compiled classes, e.g. bin/.

      Is this the desired behavior? Did I miss(configured) something?

      Thanks for listening,