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    lombok and weld

    nimo stephan Master

      I use lombok and when using this in my sessionscoped-bean:

      I get this failure:

      @Named("productionActor") @SessionScoped
      public class MyBean implements Serializable{
      @Getter @Setter
      private Integer test;

      The class '....org$jboss$weld$bean-jboss$classloader:id="vfs:$$-JBossAS-deploy$testapp$war"-ManagedBean-class_MyBean_$$_WeldClientProxy' does not have the property 'test'.

      When using normal getter setter without the annotation, then it works.

      So my question is: Why can I not use @Getter @Setter in Weld.

      By the way, it would be nice, if Seam Soldier provides something like lomboks @Getter @Setter to avoid boilderplate code !