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    weld-servlet.1.1.0.Beta2 and cdi-api sp4

    Jusang Lee Newbie
      we used to use weld-servlet 1.1.0.Beta1 version with cdi-api SP2 but we found that it has memory leak issue so we changed to use weld-servlet 1.1.0 Beta2 version but beta2 version only works with cdi-api SP4. It starts up ok but for some reason, it does not observes the event correctly.
      It fired even like following, event is for Quartz scheduler.

      public void execute(JobExecutionContext context) throws JobExecutionException {

      final Object event = context.getJobDetail().getJobDataMap().get("event");

      LOGGER.info("event {}", event);


      LOGGER.info("manual event fired {}      ", event);

      And observes the event and do extract if it catches the event like this

              public void manualExtract(@Observes  ExtractManualEvent event) {
                      logger.info("got extract event");
                      extract(event.getStartDate(), event.getEndDate(), event.getUser());

      this used to work with weld-servlet.1.1.0.Beta1 along with cdi-api SP2 but it does not pick up the event
      with weld-servelt.1.1.0.Beta2 and cdi-api SP4....but it fires the event ok though.

      Any help will be much appreciated


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          Jusang Lee Newbie

          it seems like an issue between Quartz and api-cdi SP4 @observes  annotation

          it observes event fired from beanmanager

               beanManager.fireEvent(new ApplicationStartupEvent());

          and this observes correctly

          public void applicationStartup(@Observes final ApplicationStartupEvent event) {
                    logger.info("got event");

          but event fired from javax.enterprise.event.Event like below could not be recognized by @Observes

          private Event<Object> eventProducer;

          final Object event = context.getJobDetail().getJobDataMap().get("event");


          Any helps will be appreciated