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    Weld strips off query parameters in case of a programmatic redirect

    Marcel Kolsteren Apprentice

      Sometimes it's necessary, or convenient, to redirect to another page using programmatic redirect, which looks like this in a backing bean method:


      When this redirect is handled while a long-running conversation is active, Weld steps in to add the cid parameter to the query string. However, a side-effect of adding the cid parameter, is that the other parameters are gone, which I think is a bug. I can also point out where the bug is. Weld uses a ConversationPropagationFilter, which wraps the response in order to override the sendRedirect method:

               public void sendRedirect(String path) throws IOException
                  ConversationContext conversationContext = instance().select(HttpConversationContext.class).get();
                  if (conversationContext.isActive())
                     Conversation conversation = conversationContext.getCurrentConversation();
                     if (!conversation.isTransient())
                        path = new FacesUrlTransformer(path, FacesContext.getCurrentInstance()).toRedirectViewId().toActionUrl().appendConversationIdIfNecessary(conversationContext.getParameterName(), conversation.getId()).encode();

      The toActionUrl() of the FacesUrlTransformer calls getActionURL on the view handler, but passes a viewId which is in fact a complete URL. The getActionURL method handles the URL as if it were a viewId, and replaces everything after the dot with faces, thus wiping off the query string.

      This can be reproduced easily with an example Maven project that I uploaded here:

      sample application

      The application can be built with Maven 3 and deployed on JBoss AS 6.0.0 (which includes Weld 1.1.Beta2). The application runs on this URL:


      The input page asks the user for an input value, which is then passed on to a second page using programmatic redirect with a single query parameter. One button does the redirect after starting a long-running conversation, the other button without doing so. The former button triggers the problem, the second button just works fine.

      I checked the latest Weld code, and the problem is still there.

      Am I right that this is a bug, or do I overlook something?